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I did lose my blog entries from August 30 to current, however, there haven’t been a WHOLE lot of those. (Yes, I need to blog more.) And any photos in entries between July 9 and August 30 are missing. Otherwise, if you see anything amiss, let me know… Everything should be up and running again!


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I’ve pretty much dedicated this summer to having as much fun as possible with the boys – especially Eric, who has been in school…pretty much all his life. I mean, daycare-style for the first years of course, but he’s not had a break ever, so rather than spending this summer prepping for Kindergarten or whatnot, I’m just making memories.

One of them is definitely the zoo – and specifically the stingray pool. This year, the St. Louis zoo has not only brought in their stingray pool, but they have tiny sharks swimming around too! (Not the aggressive eat your face off kind, obviously, though you’re still told to hold very still when they swim by.) The pool was our first stop at the zoo, and it was a HIT. At first, I think Danny just liked being able to read in and feel the water – the kid loves to play with water, as long as he’s not IN it. He just tolerates baths, and would much rather kneel on the outside and play that way, but give the kid a pond or water table or anything like that and he is in heaven! Once I’d reminded him to stay still, he stopped splashing around and suddenly – stingrays! Every time one went by, he would giggle, and a few times he even got a little splashed as one flipped a wing tip in his direction. He LOVED it.

(Honestly, I was just impressed that, when I told him to “hold still, Danny,” he DID it!)

Eric, well, he had a ball. He was a little afraid of the sharks at first, convinced they would bite his hands off, but the fact that he got to actually touch the stingrays overcame any hesitation about the few sharks. I don’t think he enjoyed it quite as much as Danny did, but he still had a good time. Plus, he learned some more about stingrays, different sizes and colors, how their tails are the stinging part, a few little things like that. He’s been pretty curious about animals of all kinds lately, so we went with it!

And me? Well, my favorite part was just seeing my boys, side by side, both totally engaged in the same activity and having a great time that doesn’t involve running, pushing, sliding down stairs, or getting each other into headlocks.

Summer with boys is always entertaining.


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Danny has been in his preschool class a little over 2 months, and the school year is coming to a close. He’ll be doing summer session, but it seems a good time to look back at the progress he’s made so far.

Of course, the big one I’ve already covered: his PECS. I still marvel at how wonderful it is to know that, if he wants something (a toy, some food or drink, to play), he can just come to us and let us know so easily. It’s just…indescribable!

There are others little things, too. He lines up to go inside and outside at school. Danny! Mr Impatient himself will run over to he door to the playground and stand back to the wall with a little grin when I am dropping him off. Now, he’s supposed to go hang his backpack up in the classroom first, so he’s technically being a little booger, but I still love it.

He also points! And waves goodbye! He just started doing both recently, and like the communication, I can’t say how much I love seeing him give a little wave when we say bye-bye to someone, or having him point to show me something he likes or wants closer too instead of him just trying to get it.

At 3, this should be nothing, but as with many things Danny, this small stuff (late or not) is so big and wonderful to me. I can’t wait to see what he learns over the summer, and how he does when he settles in for his first full, consistent year of school in the fall.


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I think one of the things that captures me every spring, once the weather is nice enough to go to the park frequently, is how the boys change during the winter months. Danny has really come into his own with the playground! He is, I think, finally acting like a little boy instead of… Well, instead of I don’t know what. Previous summers have seen him walking the playground studying shadows on his arm, or bolting off the playground every two seconds to run away, or climbing up or down stairs, or just not doing much at all. It never seemed to hold his interest for very long – even when he was doing stuff like sliding, it wouldn’t last very long at all.

The bolting was probably the most bothersome of all, because it made it impossible to even GO to the park. That left me feeling terrible, though, because Eric so desperately wanted to go, and if we did, we’d end up leaving after 5 minutes because I just couldn’t keep chasing Danny down.

Finally… Finally…

This little guy was loving the playground today! We stayed for over an hour, and he didn’t bolt once. Not once! He looked a few times, but then he changed his mind, swung back around, and went off to play some more. He chased some of the bigger boys around. He slid. He climbed. He loved to swing and swing and swing! He would track me down, take me to the swing, and tell me “Up!” If I let him slow down or stop, he’d look at me pleadingly. “Up! Up!” And he tackled everything the playground had to offer.




As for Eric… Well, with Danny acting like Eric used to, it only stands to reason that Eric has discovered a new way to play. Mr. Social, who has begun accepting everyone on the playground as his best friend, fell in quickly with all the other boys and ran off with the pack.

They were thick as thieves from the moment they laid eyes on each other, chasing around playing monster, making group trips to the water fountain, and doing everything together… There were even a few gatherings of the Secret Boys Club, where they discussing pressing matters such as how many pets they had and what their favorite character is from Toy Story.

At last, it was time to drag ourselves home, and before we even got out of the parking lot they were begging for more. Well, at least Eric was… Danny wasn’t saying anything (big shocker, I know), but he watched the park disappear from view quite longingly.


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I keep meaning to blog – heaven knows I have no shortage of things to write about! – but it seems that, once spring hit, life has kind of swept me away. Danny being in school close to home has left me time to run errands, go to the gym, and even curl up with a good book now and then, the things I love to do. I’m getting out and enjoying the weather on my own while I can, and of course, the boys and I are busy as always! Summer break is approaching, a full break for Eric (for the first time ever!) and a partial break for Danny with a scattering of summer sessions thrown in. I’m looking forward to getting a little one-on-one time with Eric while Danny is in school; I love both of my boys, but time just me and my big boy is going to be precious!

I’m making a commitment to try to write a little more often, though. I know, one day, I’m going to look back and miss not having all the posts and thoughts I’ve had! Until then, what have we been up to? Well…

There’s baking…

…and plenty of trips to the park.

There’s crafts like mosaics (which Danny is getting really good at – his attention span is short, but he matches the shape and/or the color quite diligently!)…

…and sun catchers, one that takes me back to MY childhood.

There’s mucking around in the garden (where we aren’t supposed to be)…

…and t-ball two evenings a week, plus a game every weekend. Eric is no Babe Ruth, but he has a lot of fun!

And of course, there is that rite of passage itself: the sprinkler!

Yeah, is it any wonder I’m not at the computer blogging? Life is good, honestly and truly. There’s lots happening in Danny-land, Eric is still amazing me daily with his wit and intelligence, and me? I’m soaking it all in, like the sun…which I think I’m about to go and read in for a while before I pick up my boys from school.


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I somehow thought that having Danny in school a lot closer to home would give me more time to do things like blog. How wrong I was! Somehow, between the errand running, the house cleaning, and the life living, it just isn’t working out that way. A few thoughts to pass the time, things I have been meaning to put words to lately…

Spring felt much overdue, and to make up for it, I’ve been spending a lot of time outside. The other morning, I walked to the grocery store, and it was so pleasant I may make it a weekly tradition to pick up my produce and the like. It takes longer, but it’s well worth it!

Danny is still keeping us on our toes. In an ever-evolving situation, we are now dropping his nap entirely and moving bedtime up. The one hour nap limit was still keeping him up late, probably because it is so late (2:30-3:30; he won’t fall asleep any earlier). Today is day 2; yesterday, he was happy until around 6, then at 6:30 disappeared upstairs, later to be found asleep in his bed. He slept 12 hours and had a “good good good day!” according to his teacher, not too shabby here at home either. We’re literally making it up as we go along.

Eric has started T-ball, and he is loving it! He practices 2 evenings a week and plays once on the weekend, with his first game this weekend. He isn’t very, um, skilled, but his enthusiasm is huge and he is SO excited to be playing.

And then there’s this little gem from Eric…

“I’m going to debeat this guy!” “I bet you are, Eric, but the word you’re looking for is defeat.” “But Mommy, feet are for kicking! I’m not going to kick him, I’m going to debeat him with my sword!!”

Not to be left out, the cochlear implant moment of the day! I hop out of the shower and start to blow dry my hair. Danny is upstairs playing on the iPod while John exercises…or so I think. Not 30 seconds after I turn the hair dryer on, he is peeking around the corner. Apparently, from upstairs, he heard the ruckus that he usually doesn’t hear (I usually shower while he’s asleep, or at school) and decided to come check it out! I turned it to blow on his head and he disappeared; guess he didn’t like it. The moment I turned it off, however, he popped back around the corner! Yep, my boy can hear juuuuust fine.