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Eric and Danny were on the floor playing, and Eric brought over the blankie to play around with. Eric eventually wandered off, as he does, so I stepped in and started playing with Danny myself.

After a rousing round of peek-a-boo, I let the blanket lay. Danny grabbed it and started pulling it over his head and then back off. The kid plays peek-a-boo. He can’t even hear the best part of it yet! I have a feeling he is going to be rolling once he hears the enthusiastic “Peek-a-BOO!” to go along with the rest.

This kid is awesome. Talk about reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving…


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The next couple weeks are the wild ride – a storm of follow ups and regular appointments mashing together to keep us rather busy! I currently can’t access my website at work, they’ve blocked it as being “Entertainment,” so I will keep updated as I can. Here’s where all we’re going:

Nov 13 – NICU followup clinic

Nov 14 – Weekly hearing appointment at home

Nov 17 – Monthly audiology

Nov 20 – Eye doctor followup

Nov 21 – IFSP (family service plan coordinating Danny’s services) meeting

Busy busy busy… And yet I am sitting here hoping I get a call in those two weeks saying insurance is in and I need to fit in an appointment with the ENT as well. Ha! Doubt it, but you never know.


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To celebrate Halloween last night, Danny decided to really scare us: he’s getting mobile. Not the random rolling around sometimes mobile, the dig those toes in and go forward mobile. It’s a slow, laborious task right now, but he is definitely moving in a deliberate forward direction! John pulled him back a few times and he kept doing it. It’s a struggling army crawl, but it’s a sign of things to come … soon!


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It’s hard not to get caught up in looking forward to next Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving this one! Eric and I have had so much fun with window stickers, pumpkins, spiders, you name it. I brought in the pumpkin this morning that we are going to carve tonight and he was so, so excited – he could barely contain himself! I went to put it on the table and he was quite upset; he wanted it on the floor “right there!!!” so that he could check it out and sit by it as I got ready. There is a huge spider on a house on the way to daycare (fake, as big as the house) and every morning as we drive by it he exclaims, “Big Spider!!” He is totally loving it.

I do think forward, though. Next Halloween, Nat and I will be able to compare costumes for our little ones. I do believe it will happen, I’ve gotta believe! Next Halloween, Danny will be able to hear Eric’s excited squeals and give his own. I look at all of the words Eric has learned for Halloween and fall and am so excited to see what Danny picks up next year. Plus, of course, just double the fun with two boys to enjoy the holiday!

We did Fall Festival at daycare yesterday. Neither of the boys minded any of the costumes at all, and Eric had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of his friends dressed up too, they were far too cute. Of course, so were my boys. There was a girl about 12 helping the festival, part of a girl scout group doing community service, who had bilateral cochlear implants. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, so I didn’t ask any questions, but she commented on Danny’s hearing aids and I shared that he was in the process of going bilateral himself. It was pretty amazing to watch her hear without any problems even in the crazy bussle of a daycare festival with kids everywhere.


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I got home Wednesday and was asked, quite instantly, if I was going to Kansas with my husband. I did, and so here we are – we left that night! On this whirlwind weekend trip, both of the boys have been working on new tricks because, of course, if they learned these new tricks at home we would be prepared for them.

Eric has learned a few new words out here. Cheese crackers, pancake (breakfast 2 mornings in a row – yum!), and even a few attempts at “hearing aid.” He’s been very good about laying down for diaper changes (as long as it’s “by baby”), and I think he’s a sneeze away from potty training. He has taken to ripping off his diaper and telling us when he needs a new one, and because we are away from his potty he wants to sit on the potty. He doesn’t go, but 3 or 4 times he has requested our help sitting on the potty. Another favorite trick is running, buck naked, across the fields of Kansas. Thank goodness my inlaws live in the country, so no one sees this spectacle but family.

Danny’s new tricks include some honest attempts to get mobile. Added to rolling are now attempts to get his legs going. He pulls up one knee, not quite under him but definitely bent and trying, then straightens it and tries to get the other one up. Once, he got both knees bent and under him, but didn’t have the height or the arms to go with. He does a good wiggle, and is beginning to go a good 180 degrees around on his tummy. His other trick is one I’ve anticipated but, of course, did not expect this weekend: pulling out his hearing aids. He has to work at the left one, but the right one he’s quite good at getting out. The right one is, actually, sitting in our fish bowl drying out from a rather speedy grab, rip out, and stuff in the mouth that he pulled not too long ago. I have a few lovely pilot caps at home in varying sizes to see what he needs, but they are – of course – a state or so away.

Busy boys. And now one of those busy boys wants to go outside, so I’d best find something for us to go before he strips and goes running again!


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