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Discrimination of sound is always a focus with a child with cochlear implants. Heck, it’s true of any toddler to be honest, it’s just a bit more of a focus with a CI kid. Danny is learning to identify pictures in books, and I’ve noticed he still mixes up things like “dog” and “frog.” He doesn’t talk, so he doesn’t say them mixed, but a lot of 2 year olds mix consonants all the time. To help Danny focus on a bit of listening, and helping discriminate subtle differences, I was given a suggestion of filling some bottles with a couple different objects and seeing what kind of noises they make.

I grabbed some empty bottles, washed them out, let them dry, pulled off the labels, and got to business! The first round was going to be beans, coins, cereal, puff balls, and snow. (Yes, snow. There was lots of it at the time!) Since I have a box chalk full of beans, I grabbed it to borrow some for the bottle project.

That got my boys’ attention, and suddenly, we had a whole other activity going!

I never did fill a bottle full of snow, but we spent a whole lot of time with the beans! I didn’t exactly have the set up I would have planned if I was going to do this with the boys; usually the bean box means a blanket on the living room floor to pick up all the strays. Since I was just standing at the kitchen counter with a bottle and a bean box, when the boys jumped me, the beans went everywhere. I had beans in the sink and on the stove, beans all over the floor and a few in the fridge. I’m still finding beans a week or two later!

But man, did the boys enjoy it.

I did too. We played with funnels and beans and spoons and scoops and generally had a blast. Eric used the funnel as a telescope and Danny stuck it on his head, they tried doing it with the funnel and without, and there was all sorts of learning-but-not-learning going on. And there were beans.

They love beans.

There was much tantrum to be had when we finally closed up shop.

We didn’t play with the bottles that day at all, but I don’t think that really mattered.




Claire on 27 February, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

Aww…fun! Beans are great. Just don’t do dried rice…I was cleaning that stuff up for months.

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