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…And not my best photo op, literally sick and tired.

My weight change is +1 lb this week, and obviously +1 lb for the pregnancy. This week I caught a summer cold, and it has chased off most of my pregnancy symptoms completely! I am still quite tired and not sleeping well, but that can be attributed to the cold just as much as the pregnancy. The nausea is completely gone, and I only get the mild cramps (honestly feeling more like mild contractions!) once in a rare while. The disappearing symptoms is trying to make me worry, but I’m holding it off for now since there’s honestly no sign there’s anything wrong, and most women don’t get symptoms at all until around 6 weeks.

Mentally, I am kind of jittery, though. A lot of the time, I’ll be doing something – cleaning, carrying Danny, playing with Eric – and I’ll have an errant thought wondering if what I’m doing is safe, or if what I’m doing is going to start the row of dominoes that disabled or kills this baby. Nice thought, isn’t it? It’s not making me panic, but it’s certainly making me worry and wonder. I sincerely pray nothing happens, because I know I’ll forever be staring back and analyzing every little thing I did. Common sense tends to rule in the end, but there is definitely a spectre following me this time around.


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