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…a second little line.

This is, according to Fertility Friend at least, 12dpo – I’m still not convinced of that, but with as early as the nausea started and as early as I got the positive, it’s possible.

I woke up this morning determined not to test until at least tomorrow, but by around noon, the off and on nausea was becoming annoying, and the test under my sink was calling to me… I honestly didn’t expect anything. It’s early (Danny didn’t test positive until 14dpo, with a negative at 12), and it was the middle of the day. When, 15 seconds after taking the test, I saw a shadow of a line, I brushed it off as me seeing things. Then it got darker. OK, so it’s not hugely dark, but it’s definitely there – the picture doesn’t do it full justice. At first, I took it in stride. Then I realized I was carrying it around with me, glancing at it every 30 seconds or so to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. By the time I texted John, I was tearing up a little.

The tally? I’ve got off and on nausea all day, tender/full feeling breasts, and vivid & memorable dreams (more than usual). My current weight (officially the pre-pregnancy weight!) is 160lb even. Depending on how you calculate it, I am due between March 9 (according to Fertility Friend) and March 12 (according to last menstrual period), making me 3 weeks and 3-6 days along.

I’m still hesitant about having 3 – it’s a bit overwhelming and scary, especially with the fear of having another special needs kid – but I am also so darn excited. So thankful.

I just hope I don’t mess it up.




Tash on 8 July, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

I am so happy for you. :) I felt my symptoms as soon 5 dpo! I wasn’t charting b/c it’s really easy to know what i am ovulating, but I was using the FF app, just to keep track. I tested at 10dpo for the first time. :)

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