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When I was pregnant with Danny, I made a comment that it was very different. It was – I was more tired, less nauseated, things started at different times. But honestly, I made that statement just because the nausea was less. I was feeling better.

This time, I know what Different is.

I realize that I’m only about 4 weeks along, but already, I’m noticing a lot of things that I never noticed in my last pregnancies. My stomach muscles are going crazy – I’m getting the occasional cramp, but more often, they’re just feeling stretched and sore. It’s that feeling like I’ve slept just a little wrong and things got a little twisted. I don’t remember that, even in later stages of pregnancy! My breasts, too… I’m getting sore moments, the odd sharp pain, and a frequent “full” tingle like I used to get when I was nursing. They’re warm, they’re tender, they’re just…obviously changing. I know I had a bit of tenderness with the last pregnancies, but it was nothing like that!

As for the nausea, it still comes and goes, more as a queasy and uneasy feeling than true nausea. I expect that to get worse before it gets better, but for now, I’m enjoying it being so mild! I’m definitely more tired all of a sudden; I was doing well, and then today around lunch, I slammed into a wave of exhaustion that wouldn’t let up until I’d taken a two hour nap. (Thank you, John!!)

It boggles me that I’m feeling all of this so early. I don’t know if it’s because I’m more aware or because things are actually hitting much earlier this time, but that, also, seems very different to me.


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