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When there’s a 3 year old involved, things are bound to get broken. Of course, since they are with him most waking moments of his life, Danny’s cochlear implants occasionally take the brunt of this, and once again he is down an ear for a day. Somehow – don’t ask me how – he managed to snap off the headpiece where the wire connects into the processor. Yeah, it was a good one.

Though Danny does not talk, there is never any hesitation or doubt in me about whether we were right to get him his CIs. He hears and listens phenomenally. Every morning, even with just one CI on, we do a quick bounce back and forth. It started as just ling sounds, and I’ve worked in some of the other things he works on with his speech teacher at school. “Ah! Ee! Oo! Oh! Mm! Ss! Sh! Hee hee! Lalala! Ha – Ha – Ha!” It is so automatic, so easy for him these days, and it’s amazing to watch and take part in.

More than the feedback we get from him, though, is how he obviously wants to hear. A moment this morning that I just needed to record for posterity… I put on his one working CI, clipped it to his shirt, and smiled brightly at him, telling him good morning. He looked at me for a moment with a slight frown, then took my hand and placed it on the side of his head where the other CI should go.

He can hear just fine with one, but he wants them both.

He’s such a sweetheart it melts me some days.




karen on 10 August, 2011 at 9:31 am #

awww, you are right, he is a sweetie. And he is doing such great things. I am so proud of him. Way to go Danny. Love Gramma K

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