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When I began this pregnancy, I made a pledge to myself: I was, for a change, going to do a decent job of recording it. Now, most of this happened on a separate blog I created just for myself; the little details week by week just didn’t make for interesting reading. They were things, however, that I knew I would wish I’d written down a few years from now. They’re things I wish I’d written down about my last 2 pregnancies, when symptoms started and stopped, what I was thinking week to week. I stuck to it too! I took weekly belly pictures to go with each post, and every week I diligently jotted down a few thoughts, a few things that were happening, and just a little something to remind myself of years later.

Then someone used my web account to spam, and it was all borked, because – of course – I’d kept up decently well on backups for the main blog, but I totally spaced on backing up the new one. I started it in late June, had one backup in early July, and then…nothing. Months, lost.


This will be very much for me, and a little tedious, but I want it recorded. So here is what I remember, before it gets even more lost:

I got my positive test very early, at a whopping 10dpo/3 weeks and 3 days pregnant. It was very faint, but definitely there. Still, other than some vivid dreams, I hadn’t noticed any symptoms and wasn’t quite sure it was true, just because it was SO early. Unlike my last 2 pregnancies, the morning sickness didn’t show up until the 6th week, and it started to fade by week 11, being completely gone by week 13. It was moderate – not as strong as with Eric, but not as mild as with Danny either. I was, however, exhausted – fully and truly – from about 4-5 weeks until around the 13-14 week point. Physically, my body seemed ready to be pregnant this time. My breasts got huge, my hips shifted, and my balance was thrown by about week 10, leading to aches and pains and a loss of stamina like I haven’t experienced before. (I realized around week 20 that a lot of that was because I had “toner” shoes that were unstable, and getting more supportive shoes has taken care of the aches and pains part…though not so much the loss of stamina!) I was 13 weeks when I started to feel little taps from the baby. In fact, the first one was crazy – at the very far left side, there was a series of jabs that actually shook the arm that was resting against my side. I didn’t feel anything else that obvious for a while (until around week 16), but there was the odd movement every few days. It got to be a daily thing around week 16, then quite vigorous by week 20. (Now, the kid frequently hosts parties in my tummy!) My hormones went crazy early, effecting me in ways that were completely different from my last 2 pregnancies… I want to say that I got even more touchy emotionally than the first 2 pregnancies, but I’m afraid my husband would laugh me out of the house for it, so I don’t really know. I feel like I’m noticing it more though?

And now I’m 27 weeks (tomorrow), starting the third trimester. I’m most definitely showing, I’m feeling movement many times through the day, I’m feeling huge some days but good otherwise. I’m sleeping fairly well (when the boys allow it), have a decent amount of energy (unless you ask me to run), and don’t have many complaints about aches and pains (though my balance is definitely off, which makes getting up from sitting a little tough). Baby is on a schedule it seems – I can count on him moving around 6-7am, 12-1pm, and 9-10pm, plus a few other times during the day that I seem a little more random.


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