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When it started happening to other kids in his class, I was amazed, but I put it off as them being the 6 year olds of the group. Surely, losing a tooth wouldn’t happen this early…would it?

Apparently, it would.

This is the best picture I could get…and you can still barely see it.

It started in a rather bothersome way, though. For a while, I expected that Eric would be losing his first tooth in a more than memorable fashion: by having the dentist yank it out. You see, we went to the dentist in early January, and as luck would have it, they called me back. Typically, Eric disappeared back with one of the hygenists, and no one reappears until he’s bouncing out the door with prize in hand. That’s why I had no problem scheduling the appointment before school, with Danny in tow. I should have known having Danny along would ensure I’d have to go back, talk to the dentist, and chase Danny around all the exciting new places he wanted to discover.


The dentist quickly relieved my worries that he had cavities, then followed it up with the one-two punch of “but he’s got two adult teeth trying to come in behind his baby teeth instead of under them.” Sure enough, within a few days, I was able to look into Eric’s mouth and his first adult tooth – bottom left center – has burst through the gums without so much as a wiggle from the baby tooth in front of it. Oh, great. Here we go. The dentist had given us a month, saying that if the baby teeth did not come out within that time, they would have to do an extraction to get them out of there, because the adult teeth may not line up well enough to work their magic. At the sight of that tooth, I started weaving all sorts of stories in my head, strategies of how I could combine the Tooth Fairy with the dentist and not lose that magic of losing the first tooth. Plus, I really didn’t want Eric to associate all his baby teeth with the dentist.

Thankfully, the baby tooth behaved! There was a definite sigh of relief when, sitting in a restaurant, Eric announced that it was hard to eat his pizza because “it hurts my tooth!” From rock solid, the tooth had become super wiggly. He managed to get through the meal with a little coaxing about chewing off to the side, and later that afternoon, he wanted apple slices for a snack.


“MOMMY! DADDY! MY TOOTH FELL OUT! … There’s a little bit of blood.”

Why yes, there is, but that’s OK. A tissue was provided, and he was so excited he didn’t even care. The tooth was carefully wrapped up, deposited under a pillow, and Eric was reassured a few times that we did not need to “write the Tooth Fairy a note” to let her know he had lost a tooth; she would know all by herself with her special magic. She did indeed arrive overnight, with a special $2 coin for the big achievement. (Thank you, Canada!)

Of course, there are two caveats to the story.

The first is that I learned that my careful counseling on tooth brushing backfired. For years, Eric has done a great job of brushing his teeth. Whenever he would ask why, though, I would tell him that it keeps teeth healthy. Otherwise, they will get sick, decay (a word he learned and was fascinated with for a while thanks to Sid the Science Kid), and fall out. Well, then he discovered that teeth falling out is exciting! And it gets you money! “But Mommy, I don’t WANT to brush my teeth!” … Whoops.

The second problem is that there was not just one tooth the dentist thought they might need to pull. There were two. The other one has made itself scarce, and the baby tooth is solidly in place, with about a week and a half left in our count down. The Tooth Fairy may be visiting again soon, and in a less exciting fashion. (Or more exciting, I suppose, depending on how you look at an extraction!)

I’m rooting for the tooth to show. Soon.




Heather on 5 February, 2012 at 8:09 am #

How exciting :) I lost my first tooth at 5 years 7 months. Ani was 5 years 11 months. Fritz seems to be following in his older brother’s (and father’s) footsteps. He doesn’t even have a remotely loose tooth (Ani’s were slightly loose about a year before the first fell out according to the dentist). Cameron’s first tooth fell out at just before 8! Fritz has lost one via the dentist, but that doesn’t count.

karen on 5 February, 2012 at 11:44 am #

Too funny, but very exciting, tell Eric that he has to keep brushing though because the Tooth Fairy only wants shiny white lttle teeth for her collection, she gives them to all her little clam friends in the ocean and they make beutiful pearls out of them. So see…. he has to keep brushing or she won’t want his stinky old rotten teeth. Enjoy, the drama never ends ,but what fun.

Claire on 7 February, 2012 at 10:00 am #

Yay Eric! I’m glad he lost the first one at home at least.

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