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I love my mommy group, but sometimes it’s just not good for me.

I joined it online at 3 in the morning while watching Eric sleep in the only place he would at that point: my arms. Or maybe I was pumping, I don’t know. All I do know is that I wanted something to do and TV sucked so I finally joined the forum I’d be stalking for months. They’re an amazing group of women, and have made an impact on my life in ways as simple as some laughter and as massive as Aleah’s life and death. Unfortunately, it’s a group of moms that, when pregnant, were due in July. That means that all but about 6 are older than Eric, many by a month or more.

So when they’re all talking about how their babies are saying real live words – hi and kitty and car and a plethora of others – and my son barely demonstrates mastery of mama and dada in any kind of context, I wonder. I don’t worry, because I see in other ways that he’s smart and really takes to stuff when he wants to, but I begin to wonder if there isn’t something I’m supposed to be doing that I’m not.

In lieu of words, though, he’s decided that this week it’s all about in and out. This can be a simple thing for him: he emptied out his turtle (it’s got a bowl in place of a shell that, if you push the head, it spins around whatever’s inside the bowl) and tried to put the tractor from his exersaucer in it. He also spent his entire bath Sunday putting his rubber ducky into his bath cup and taking it back out. Every now and then the cup would fall over and float away, and he would diligently chase it down, set it up, chase down the ducky, and start all over again.

He also likes to put things in other people’s mouths, though, which is where it gets a little more interesting. Or at least, he likes to put things in Mommy’s mouth; I can’t speak for his doing it to anyone else. Yesterday, after quite thankfully chewing on his teether for a while, he popped it out of his mouth, reached up, and tried to shove it in mine. I guess he was trying to share and make me feel as good as he felt to have it – which is sweet, except when you’re getting smacked in the mouth by a half frozen teether. Eric understands many things. Gentle isn’t one of them. I played along though, opened my mouth and bit down on one of the frozen gel beads, and in exchange received an uproarious laugh. I opened, he pulled it away, then we did it all over again. Yep. We have a new game.

When he does have a toy, he also likes to use his fingers. First he was discovering my mouth and how it’s just like his – tongue, some teeth, open and shut. He would reach in and just feel my teeth, quite in wonder. Then, one time, I close my mouth and very gently gnawed his tiny finger. Boy, was that a hit! He thought it was absolutely hilarious that I would chew his finger just like he’s chewed mine. Now, any chance I get, I go for one of his hands and pretend to munch on it and he just laughs and laughs. He will pull his hand away, and then extend one finger and poke at my lips until I open up and do it again.

Does it say something about us that our favorite game is “eat the baby”?

I am also proud to say that he has learned that he needs to tip bottles up in order to drink out of them. Just in time to start weaning, yay! This does, however, give me a feeling like he might learn how to use traditional sippy cups the same way he learned straws. In fact, the other day I gave him his with some water in it and he sucked back about an ounce – which isn’t really that much, but is a lot more than the nothing he always used to get.

He’ll be 11 months this weekend. That’s only one more month until his birthday. Now that is pretty crazy.




mommy the maid on 27 June, 2007 at 2:44 pm #

Mommy groups can really be a double edged sword for many reasons. I feel that way about the few I am in now. I try to just take the good from it and leave what I don’t want.

I am your Blog Exchange Partner this month :D Can you tell me where to send my post when I finally get it done? LOL You can send yours to cuddlemonkeycreations at comcast dot net.

Natalie on 27 June, 2007 at 3:50 pm #

I hear ya on the mommy groups, though for me it’s infertility groups. Same kind of thing though… it’s a good and bad thing. Great to have the support, but bad when you start comparing experiences and wondering why your doctor said A and theirs said B…. lol.

I can’t believe Eric is getting so old. Almost 1! Yikes.

karen on 28 June, 2007 at 6:55 pm #

Hi Kel… Well here is what I have to say about that! If you were to listen to what everybody tells you to do and listen to what everybody tells you that you are messing up, you would be a basket case. Don’t let that happen. Eric is fine, he is going to be a great kid. You didn’t talk much until you were about 14 months old and then you wouldn’t be quiet. We are all different and that is what makes the world a great place . Throw away the measuring stick and love him for all that his, not that he isn’t. The world is in such a drastic hurry for our kids to be smart and talking and walking and potty trained by the time they are 2 years old or less, that we forget to let them be kids. I know that you are a good mommy, believe in your love for him and believe in yourself.Look at that face and just know that he is terrific.I will get off my soap box now, I guess it takes me back to when you were little and used to beat yourself up because you got 97% on a test. Instead of the 97% you did get ,you focused on the 3 % you didn’t get and I would feel so bad for you. Remember what I used to tell you, it’s ok to make a mistake cause that is how we learn. It’s ok to have bad days cause that is how we learn to appreciate the good days.
And the fact that our little munchkin is 11 months old already makes me sad, they grow up so quick. I sure hope that I get to see him again soon. Dad has his surgery on Thursday and will be down and out for a little while. I will let you now how all that goes. OK? Keep everything crossed for us here. I am worried that they will have to break his jaw to get the tooth out and that is not good. Anyway, I am going to go and have myself a cup of tea. Lots of love to you all there. Love , MOM

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