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There are a lot of cliches that float around when birthday time comes along, especially first birthdays. “It’s gone by so fast,” “it seems like just yesterday he was a newborn,” “they grow up too quickly,” and so on, and so on… I thought long and hard about making the obligatory sentimental post for Eric’s birthday, but honestly, it’s just not there.

I’m one of the strange moms, it seems, that rather than being so sad that her little baby is turning one, I’m absolutely delighted. This has been a phenomenal year, and I can’t wait for the next one. For every milestone and exciting moment that has passed, I know there are two more right around the corner. This year has only been the beginning of what is one heck of a ride, one of the most amazing journeys of our lives.

It hasn’t been the easiest year. I never expected it to be. From the earliest troubles nursing to the latest troubles teething, there have been challenges to meet, and we’ve done each one pretty darned well I must say. He has, indeed, gotten so big; I can hardly equate the big guy that tackles me from across the room with the itty bitty newborn that fit all too neatly into the crook of my arm. Now, naps together in my chair have limbs sprawled every which way, through the arm, between my legs… I don’t think that’s going to work all that well for much longer, but we enjoy it. He has, indeed, changed a lot; I remember rejoicing in the fact that he would – gasp! – push his head up just a little and flip it over with ever-so-careful effort, and now we’re cheering him on as he lets go of my leg and stands there, just a little wobbly, for a good 30 seconds before dropping or, more often, tackling me with glee. No steps yet, but he’s getting there. We have a heck of a time getting this on film though!

He’s gone from a little newborn sleeper to a little boy with an incredible personality. How can I not celebrate who he is? There’s no sorrow in how far he’s come! I’ve always been a little different from most other people, I guess I’m proving it again.

I have to say, I teared up just a tiny bit this morning. Not because of his birthday, but because of the reception we got at daycare. Every time I wince at the cost and think that maybe we should have done a home daycare, they remind me again just how great they are, how lucky we are to have such fabulous child care. Walking in the door, they had a big sign that proclaimed, “Happy 1st Birthday, Eric!!” We get the door open and there’s a cry of, “There he is!” “It’s the birthday boy!” “Baby Eric!” Both of the morning ladies and a couple of the older kids rush over, wishing him a happy birthday, and I’m told quite soundly to “hold on just a minute, don’t leave!” One of the ladies disappeared into the infant & toddler room, returning a minute later with a pair of gift bags, a mini cake, a party hat, and a camera. “We got him a cake! Can he have it??? We’re going to have a party! Can you stay to open presents??”

Yep, they’re going full out today. They got party hats for all the kids in his room (they’re all toddlers or nearly toddlers), they’re going to try to get them all to wear the hats and get on the carpet for a picture. The two that were there already got him cards and gifts – some super adorable clothes – and they told me that the primary lady in the infant/toddler room also was getting him something… (This is also the lady that, the other day, said if we ever needed a babysitter we just had to ask!) As I was leaving, they were discussing the fact that one had her camera, but not many pictures left, that’s OK, the other one had her camera too, and the primary lady might bring hers too when she gets in. I brought my camera in, since I’d brought mini cupcakes and figured they could be a treat, so they assured me that I would get some pictures too.

It is so, so much easier to come to work when I know how well he’s taken care of and loved over there.

First birthdays are cool. Here’s to one amazing year, and starting out on another one.




karen on 31 July, 2007 at 11:37 am #

Did I not tell you that this is going to be the most awesome thing that has ever happened to you????? And every year is just going to get better. Of course there will be some downs along the way, but just the day to day life of living with your child is the most amazing journey that life will ever take you on. I too felt the same way you do Kel,celebrate the successes and the person that you became with every passing moment. But then I also lamented that time did indeed go too fast. When I would hold you when we had our little afternoon snuggle time , I wished sometimes that time itself would stop and we could be frozen in time the way we were because it felt so marvelous to hold you and watch you , but then I knew that you would be my one and only baby and that was hard to let you grow up. So I was really caught between a rock and a hard place, but grow up you did and I still miss those times with you. I am glad that you are happy being a mommy, I wish so much that I could be there to help you celebrate this day. Eric is a wonderful little guy and I think that you are a very lucky lady. And it is so nice that the daycare helped you celebrate his special day. I hope you all have a great day and have a lot of fun , and now I am afraid that that little walk down memory lane has turned on my waterworks and now I am going to have a good cry. Happy Birthday litte one, Gramma loves you.

karen on 31 July, 2007 at 9:57 pm #

Well… my goodness Eric, it looks like you had a wonderful birthday. Gramma wants to come and play at your daycare. Wouldn’t that be fun? Thanks mommy for all the great pictures, it looks like he had a great day. I love the cake pictures. It reminds me of a little girl, not sooo long ago doing the same thing in her highchair with her teddy bear cake. I hope Eric had a great day, thanks for sharing. I love you, mom

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