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There comes a point where I almost have to call foul on this baby. Let’s recap: at 5 months, Andrew is army crawling, sitting independently for short spans, squealing at the top of his lungs, reaching for and exploring everything, playing with toys like neither of our other babies did, standing at the couch with just a little help from us, and almost demanding to be entertained.

Seriously? I go out, and when people are all like, “Wow, he’s holding his head up so well!” I almost laugh in their face.

“Can I play too??”

I appreciate it though. After all the worrying I did about Danny’s development, Andrew is going so fast I have no time to doubt. Of course, I worry a little about not being ready for a mobile baby, but I can’t find it in me to complain.

Andrew is just so…different. He is this whole other child that throws us for a loop quite often. He is an easy baby, and yet he is high needs – the highest need being the need for All Mommy, All the Time. If I leave the room? He cries. If I leave him with dad for an hour? He screams for an hour. Some say I should feel loved, and I do, but it’s kind of exhausting. I try to pass the baby off to dad for a minute so I can pee, and he screams and screams until I get back.

I just want to pee, kid!

Naps are still short for him – maybe a half an hour at a time – and nights have been wild, probably because of all the development he’s doing. Or teething. Or a growth spurt, heck, I don’t know.

What I do know is that this kid is figuring things out real fast. He’s going places…and he’s taking us with him, at least as the hired help. He can crawl all over the place for anything he wants, and does, unless he wants picked up. Then, he gets eye contact, kicks his legs like he’s pretending he can’t crawl, and fusses until you pick him up.

Andrew, dear – you’re too young for this stuff!

Who, me?

All of this means, though, that it’s time to entertain him! Watch out soon… As I start busting out some new activities and finding stuff he likes, I’ll be sharing some of our favorites here. I know I’m going into this very much thinking, “What on earth do you do to keep a 5 month old entertained??” So I figure I ought to pay it forward.




Kim @ The Bird's Nest on 27 August, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

I have no idea how to keep Avery entertained. We have much the same problems – Avery’s a bit behind in that he can’t get anywhere far yet, but in terms of his toys and demanding to be entertained…I’m at a loss. How DO you keep a 5 month old entertained?

brandy on 28 August, 2012 at 12:31 am #

Yikes.. I’m soo not ready for that stage! so glad she’s taking her time!

Rebecca on 28 August, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

Yep, I feel your pain. :) If it helps: Rosie’s favorites were/are Eli’s Chuck the Dump Truck cars (all dinkie sized but toddler safe, unlike regular dinkies), duplo blocks (again Eli’s) and play food/dishes (Eli’s. Are we noticing a pattern yet? LOL.). She also loves anything with tags or tag like apendages that she can grab and chew.

Nat on 28 August, 2012 at 11:45 pm #

Please do pay it forward! I think I will be right behind you. And it is exhausting, totally. Ember is pulling the “dont put me down!” card on me for the last couple of days… eek, I don’t know how I did it for months with Kate!

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