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Yes, we are alive.



And BIG!


Our annual Easter egg hunt at our house was an amazing success. The boys were all so excited to go outside first thing in the morning, and the weather cooperated quite nicely.


Eric (now 7, sheesh) was the most excited, of course. We made him wait at first so his brothers could search, and he had almost as much fun helping them as he did looking for himself. He was pointing out eggs and whispering hints and standing beside eggs saying, “Nope, no eggs around here!” to try to get them to come look. When we finally let him at it, he started strong, but quickly started getting too excited to notice things…like the egg right beside him. Of course, we made him pose before we pointed out it was just right there.


Danny, 6 and still a bundle of perpetual motion, split his time between looking for eggs and chasing all the morning birds. He colored his own eggs this year, including fishing them out, and did a great job of it. Hunting he was less skilled at, and after seeing Andrew’s success, opted to follow Andrew around and then steal his eggs once the little brother found them. Devious little dude.


And Andrew, oh Andrew. He ran all over the yard with glee. “Mommy! Find eggs!” “Ok, find it Daddy!” “Oh! There it is! Eggs!” He was incredibly good at finding them too, finding a few Eric had passed right over, and was delighted by the fact. When he found the second to last egg, Eric rushed over and asked, “Andrew, can you please give that one to me?”

“No! Andrew’s eggs!”


He certainly has learned to stick up for himself.

Happy Easter!




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