Filed Under (The World) by Kel on 03-12-2008

I don’t do this often, but now and then something comes along that I really like to share. Having a special needs child, and going through the roller coaster we have this past year, has really made a lasting impact on who I am – as I’m sure everyone can agree. Also being an adopted child, this hugely jumped out to me, and I want to share.

I’m now sporting a shiny button in the top right corner of my blog. Everyone should click it! Or you could just click here to go to the same place. What’s going on is a raffle for 3 charities, one that support parents who have lost children or have children with a fatal diagnosis, and two that help parents looking to adopt children with special needs. It breaks my heart to think that, had Danny been born to someone else, he might have been given up for adoption because of his challenges and then struggled to find a family of his own.

So click if you have a few dollars you can spare. 100% of the money put into the raffle goes to charity. And hey, if you happen to win a really cool camera package out of the deal (seriously, this is the type of camera that a lot of photographer-type people love), even better!


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