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Change is in the air on Waterdeep. The aspect of the game that drew me in – what, seven years ago? – is coming back to life and I’m sitting on the sidelines watching it happen. It comes down to time. When do I have time? When I could be sleeping? Sleep is more important. Absolutely, positively, more important. Oh, I know, or when I could be spending time with my family otherwise. That’s it.

Time is a funny thing. Time and priorities, where it goes and what you do with it. I know, a couple years ago, I preferred to spend my time on games mostly. I have a stack of PS2 games sitting on a shelf collecting dust. I have three must haves that I’ve barely touched – I love playing them when I can, but that isn’t very often these days. I would spend days on end tinkering with web designs just because I could, creating things with no real purpose, playing around. Obviously, I still do that some, but it isn’t nearly as much and the focus I put into it isn’t nearly as much.

Where’d all of that time I had go?

Oh, right.

I’m almost a year into this motherhood thing now, and slowly I’ve found balance, but it isn’t anything like the balance I used to have. The whirlwind of nursing and pumping and diapers and naptime and bottles and tears that were the first six weeks faded into a strange juggling act of work and home, boss and baby. Eric’s bedtime changed, and suddenly I have an hour in the evening for me on week days, and that’s miraculous. I actually pulled up a game last night and blew away half an hour before bed.

It’s still a lot of juggling though, and it’s still all about priorities. Yesterday, I got home with Eric and was faced with the novel ability to do whatever for half an hour while supper baked in the oven. I looked around and said to myself, Self, when was the last time you dusted? I didn’t know. I still don’t. John came home and found me crawling around on the floor with Eric, chasing him around the partition wall between the kitchen and the living room. He was laughing. I was laughing. The dust was laughing, because it got to live another day.

If anyone ever shows up at my house, I’ll be mortified. Until then, it’s between the three of us. Because with so little time not devoted to the must-do’s and the have-to’s, when I’m faced with the decision between playing with Eric and doing housework, it’s all about one thing:

Smile wins over the dust rag every single time. And that’s what it’s about. Time. There’s only so much of it to be spent with this little baby mine, and no chore, no video game, no book can hold a candle to that.

Parent Bloggers and Light Iris are doing a blog blast about where time goes. Someone’s going to win a ticket to a conference, but honestly, I’m not that into the prize. I just love the topic, and can’t wait to read what other people have to say on the subject. Take a read.





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