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So, the whole big kid bed isn’t quite all it’s cut out to be. Danny’s had his share of tantrums, escapes, and midnight battles turning on and off the TV, all in an effort to prove to us that he could care less about sleeping in his big kid bed.

Once I got home, I started a mini-routine for bed time. Now, a big, complicated, hour-long bedtime routine has never been out style. The boys both do best if they have time to themselves to unwind, and then a quick, no-nonsense trip to bed. Eric gets a story, and now, Danny does too. We disappear into his bedroom, read a story in the rocker, get big kisses, and take off his ears. Then, I pick him up, put him in his bed, and run for my life. If I’m quick, I can get the door closed before Danny is there trying to open it.

The first night, of course, he cried, though not much. The first night, I also lay on a body pillow beside his bed for half an hour showing him what was expected, and when I left he was laying on a pillow beside me half-asleep. The second night, he’d been totally loving reading the book (we read it four times through before I decided it was time to stop), and when I got up to put his processors away, he climbed back into the rocker and reached for his book. I left him sitting there flipping through the book and babbling to himself.

Not a cry. Not a peep. A little while later…

So he’s still not going to sleep in his bed – the tally is 3 times in front of the door, once on the body pillows, once on the Pooh rug, and once in the rocker – but we’re making progress. This works for me.




Ali on 9 August, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

The joys of the big kid bed. I was thankful Sammi couldn’t open the door when we moved her to a big kid bed. But once she did she’s hard to keep in bed now lol. Good luck!

maurene on 11 August, 2010 at 7:43 am #

sleep is sleep….why fight the small battles…all is well

karen on 11 August, 2010 at 8:40 am #

I’m with Maurene, pick your battles. Save your energy for the big ones. And believe me there will be bigger ones. And you have already gotten a lot of headway. He IS in his room sleeping. Run with it. I am laughing and I shouldn’t be. Have a great day kiddo. Love you waaaaaaaaaay big. mom

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