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Someone asked me today if being home with Danny has led him to make a lot of progress. The only answer I had for her was “maybe.” The truth is, I’m not sure there has been much progress at all, but rather, I’m noticing more of the little things I didn’t before.

That’s not to say there are amazing things going on. Danny is still very quiet, stubborn, and overall 2. There’s little things, though. Baby steps of progress.

He’s got an emerging “d” sound that isn’t quite d yet – more of a cross between a G and a D – but it’s coming.

He’s using his left hand more and more to assist in tasks. He’s never going to be left handed, but he pulls that left hand in more and more to stabilize toys and help in the things he’s doing.

Most excitingly, he’s putting his ears on as well as taking them off. It isn’t always, and he still takes them off (all the way, not just off his head), but the other day I knocked one off while holding his hand in a parking lot, and his immediate reaction was to put it back on. He needs a little help sometimes, but that’s OK! Daddy and I are both loving that.

There’s one more new thing that’s not quite as exciting: he’s stripping his diaper off. In the very earliest of potty training steps, he’s recognizing when he’s wet and taking his diaper off. He’s also peeing on the floor. He even got out of the bath yesterday only to pee on the floor and get back in. (At least he didn’t pee in the bath water, right?)

Any time I’m not with them now, I’m waiting for Eric to chime in: “Mommy, Danny peed on the floor again!”

It’s a sign he might potty train eventually, right? At least, I keep telling myself that. Baby steps…




karen on 24 August, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

Too funny. But you know…. Gramma used to do that too, only I wasn’t in diapers, but training pants and apparently when I wet myself, I took off my gaunch and hung them on the nearest door knob or gate post and my sister was sent to fetch them. Which explains why she hates me. I would too. But I eventually stopped(really I did) and so will Danny. Take care and have fun. Love mom

Ali on 25 August, 2010 at 7:12 am #

That is a good step Kel, a very good step. He might get it sooner than you think with a big brother like Eric. I’m glad you are seeing improvements, even the littlest ones are big for Danny and it makes me smile.

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