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Both of my boys are pancake lovers. That’s almost too weak a word for it; the boys would both live on pancakes if I let them. Any time we go out for breakfast, Eric wants a “pancake restaurant,” and he asks for it half of the time if we go out to eat at any other time of day. Danny, well, I’ve seen him pick up a whole plate-sized pancake and attempt to shove the whole thing in his mouth.

Needless to say, we could go through a lot of them at breakfast time. I would buy one of those boxes of Eggo mini pancakes and go through it in a week. (And no, I don’t only feed them pancakes, even at breakfast… They’ll at least eat bananas with them, and Eric some sausage, but the pancakes, man… That’s what it’s all about.) That stuff gets expensive, though, when you go through it as quickly as I do. So why not make my own and freeze them?

If I’m going to make my own pancakes to freeze, though, I decided to go all out. I can hardly claim to have thought this up myself; John found the idea, and even bought the ketchup and mustard bottles to make it happen. I’m just the one that busted them out! We’ve had the idea of making shaped pancakes in our heads for quite a while, but I hadn’t quite gotten brave enough to do it. I also thought I would need some kind of special recipe, but nope… A box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix following the box’s instructions worked perfectly.

Seriously, I was surprised how easy it was.

It took a little work to get the hang of it. I’d broken out the big cast-iron griddle, but as quickly as the pancakes cooked at this size, I could only keep half of it going. I found that low heat worked best as well; otherwise, the pancakes would cook faster than I could “draw” them and you’d be able to see each individual line that I drew to fill it in.

This is definitely going to happen more often! Danny didn’t really care about the shapes, he just gobbled the pancakes as quickly as he could, but one side effect of shaping them is that I could control the size; they were small enough that I could just give them to him instead of having to cut them up. Eric, however, though they were awesome, especially the race cars (which had to have spoilers, aka “this thing that makes them super fast, Mommy!”) and his special E pancakes.

Me, I’m loving the language that I can work into these. Yes, I’m “that” mom… I think all AVT moms are. Think of all the words and language opportunities here! Shapes are super easy to make, different sizes for big and small, and pretty much naming anything else I can draw out for him, all in fun-sized and delicious packages he loves. Plus plenty of chances to offer choices – do you want the circle or the square? The Mickey Mouse or the race car? I’ve also read that a little food coloring can land you with colored pancakes, but I wasn’t that brave with the first round.

Anything the boys didn’t gobble down I put in a bag in the freezer laid out in layers with wax paper between them. I’m looking forward to pulling them out and seeing how good they are after the fact!




karen on 31 August, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

Yummy! Wish I was there then you could make me some heart pancakes. Isn’t being mommy the best???? Have fun kiddo, love, your mommy.

wsm on 20 September, 2010 at 4:30 pm #

Even almost 40 yrs ago this was a fun pastime for us! Wait until you start decorating with the fruit :) –raisin eyes, orange slice grins, banana wheels for those ‘superfast’ cars!! you go, girl

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